Slogans on Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is a special day celebrated as an appreciation of teachers.Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India to memorialize the birth anniversary on 5th September of renowned scholar, recipient of Bharat Ratna, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
Slogans are used to convey a message or capture the audience’s attention; it is trying to reach. Teacher inspires hope, kindle the imagination, and instil a love for learning, and we should know to acknowledge their contribution. Here we are providing slogans to acknowledge the love and learning we got from our teachers and how it helped us grow.
We bring to you the wonderful Teachers Day slogans in English and taglines on Teachers Day to post on social media and to wish your teachers in the most special way.

Slogan On Teachers’ Day

Slogan On Teachers’ Day

Teachers gift us the gift of education.

Spread your knowledge to stay alive even after death.

God made a profession like a teacher who can plays multiple roles in their career as he knows he can’t be everywhere.

A teacher becomes our mother when we are sick and make us rectify when we commit a mistake like a father. They throughout remain our friend.

Let your eyes and mind be open by a teacher’s knowledge and wisdom.

Teachers are considered the best cook as they make the best use of life and make it better.

You can become anything in life if you have a teacher to guide you.

Always respect your teachers because they are next to Gods.

Teachers open our minds with knowledge and wisdom.

Teachers always rock.

There is no one as powerful as a teacher.

Teachers know how to shape future.

Future of a country depends on teachers.

Teachers always put their students first.

You’ll find a solution to every problem from your teachers.

The best teachers make the best out of the worst.

Teachers teach us not only bookish lessons but also life lessons.

Slogans On Teachers’ Day

Slogans On Teachers’ Day

Like a candle, Teachers burn throughout to lighten our lives with their knowledge and leave us with their knowledge and wisdom.

Teachers are not gender or age-bound; one can become anything they want, but being a teacher and sharing knowledge and guiding is only for fortunate students.

Teacher, if weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. The reason I excel in what I do is You.

A teacher does not let you choose but be the one who directs you in your path of life.

A mediocre teacher speaks, but a good teacher explains. Similarly, a superior teacher demonstrates, but a great teacher inspires.

I have learned kindness from the unkind, silence from the talkative, and toleration from the intolerant; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.

Being a teacher is not easy but it is one beautiful thing.

Teachers live with us forever in the knowledge they give us.

There is no one else as warm and as wonderful as teachers.

Teachers teach us and make us better beings.

They teach the future of the world.

Teachers are the second parents we have.

Not everyone can teach!

Every great mind was once taught by some brilliant teachers.

A teacher is a student’s strongest pillar.

Teachers are the potters, and children are the clay.

The teacher is the light that never goes out.

Catchy Teachers Day Slogans In English

Catchy Teachers Day Slogans In English

Teachers are the strongest pillars for students.

The teacher who is indeed wise does lead you to the threshold of your mind and not by just making you enter the house of his wisdom.

Most of the time, a teacher begins your dream by believing in you, one who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.

Teachers are someone without whom we could not have got complete knowledge. So we bow down to you today and forever for planting seeds of knowledge.

Only teachers have the superpower of having uncountable kids, educating, guiding, shaping, and helping them grow in life and yet never being frustrated.

Teachers make the perfect example of patience and hard work.

Teachers teach us books as well as life.

Let us thank teachers for enlightening us.

Teachers are like the guiding stars.

Teachers always stay with us in our hearts and in our lives.

The achievement of a student is success for their teacher.

Teachers open our minds with knowledge.

If you can read this, thank your kindergarten teachers.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.

One of the most respectable jobs is as a teacher.

Teachers understand students like parents.

Teachers are knowledge and hard work personified

Catchy Title For Teachers Day

Catchy Title For Teachers Day

The best teachers make the best out of the worst.

Teacher has solution to all the problems.

Teachers are always there to spread knowledge.

We are nothing without our teachers.

We must thank teachers for all the good.

Where there are teachers, there is no darkness.

Let us thank our teachers for our sense of humor.

Teachers taught us all the jokes we know.

Teachers are the one who make classes sleepy or fun.

Funny teachers are the best teachers.

Knowledge can be dangerous if a teacher doesn’t teach us how to use it.

Whatever a teacher teaches stays with us forever.

Behind every successful student, there’s a teacher who never gave up.

A teacher sacrifices all her time for her students.

A teacher’s debt can’t be repaid.

Teachers are like flowers; they spread the sweet smell of knowledge.

Teachers Day Slogans For Students

Teachers Day Slogans For Students

East or west, my teacher is the best.

Teachers always enlightened us.

Teachers kill ignorance.

Teachers build future.

Teachers make the best guides.

Let us thank teachers for every moment.

Teachers help us shine bright.

Without teachers, there is no tomorrow.

Teachers make studies fun.

Teachers make us study but also make us laugh.

Teachers are never off duty.

Your actions show what you have learnt from your teachers.

Your teachers teach you the best lessons.

Students are nothing without their teachers.

One of the noblest professions is becoming a teacher.

A teacher is a magician who can make all your problems vanish.