Slogans On Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day Slogans

Human Rights Day Slogans

Stand united for human rights.

Human race is the only race.

Discrimination should be stopped.

Everyone deserves equality.

Treat all humans equally.

Discrimination is killing equality.

World will be a better place with human rights.

Human rights are mandatory.

God make us equal then why discriminate.

Say on to special privileges for some.

Respect human rights for a better life.

Violating human rights is a threat to a nation.

Countries progress better with equal human rights.

Human rights come first.

Peace and human rights go hand in hand.

Human rights are the best way to correct the human wrongs.

Human rights have already waited a lot, they cannot wait anymore.

Human rights violated? Raise your voice!

Shout out loud! Human rights

Don’t hesitate to support what is right

Human Rights Day Slogan

Human Rights Day Slogan

Human rights promise a better world.

The rights of every man are decreased when the rights of one man are questioned

Stand and fight together for human rights

Celebrate human rights day every day

Your rights give you a voice; don’t waste it, utilize it.

Raise your voice and take what is rightfully yours

Struggle, but only for fair and honest.

Don’t be laid back about this, it is your right, go get it.

Encourage human rights; don’t abuse power

You have a right to write for human rights.

Raise your voice for a difference

Take a stand for human rights.

Human right for humanity

Violating human rights is abuse to the nation.

Stand united for equal rights.

Equality is a cure for social diseases.

Human Rights Day Slogan Pic

Human Rights Day Slogan Pic

No human should be without his rights.

Everyone must entertain the same rights

Rights is for everyone

Treat everyone the same

Abide by the law

Be neutral

Learn to respect everyone

Everyone deserves the same

Your right matters

Treat everyone like the low does

Follow the law and order

Embrace rights, erase wrongs!

Human rights, our guiding light!

One world, one fight: human rights unite!

Stand strong, human rights belong!

Equal rights, equal might!

Together we rise, human rights energize!

Compassion ignites, human rights take flight!

No fear, human rights are here!

Liberty’s call, human rights for all!

Break the chains, human rights remain!

Rise and stand, human rights in every land!

Slogans On Human Rights Day

Slogans On Human Rights Day

Equal rights and equal opportunities promise great growth.

Voices unite, human rights take flight!

Diverse and free, human rights decree!

Let justice prevail, human rights never fail!

Stand for what’s right, human rights ignite!

Harmony and peace, human rights release!

Empower and defend, human rights transcend!

Love knows no bounds, human rights resound!

A better tomorrow, human rights to borrow!

Hands extended wide, human rights with pride!

We stand as one, human rights won!

In every land, human rights demand!

Embrace diversity, human rights’ decree!

Break the chains of oppression, human rights in procession!

Raise your voice, human rights by choice!

Equality’s creed, human rights we need!

Compassion’s embrace, human rights in place!

Step by step, human rights we protect!

Justice’s call, human rights for all!

Respect and defend, human rights to mend!

Empower and inspire, human rights never tire!

Break the silence, human rights in defiance!

Slogan On Human Rights Day

Slogan On Human Rights Day

Countries progress better with equal human rights.

Inclusion is key, human rights set us free!

Let love lead the way, human rights here to stay!

Reach out your hand, human rights understand!

Compassion’s start, human rights in every heart!

No room for hate, human rights elevate!

Freedom’s ring, human rights we sing!

No borders, no fears, human rights dry tears!

A world so bright, human rights alight!

Together we stand, human rights expand!

Unite as one, human rights never undone!

Break down the walls, human rights’ calls!

Each person’s worth, human rights give birth!

Bridge the divide, human rights worldwide!

Hope in sight, human rights unite!

Love knows no race, human rights embrace!

Dignity’s plea, human rights set us free!

Together we strive, human rights alive!

Embrace with care, human rights are fair!

Voices rise, human rights mesmerize!

Empower the weak, human rights we seek!