Slogans on Hindi Diwas

Every year September 14th is observed as Hindi Diwas, the day on which importance is given to Hindi as language. Celebrate this significant occasion with Hindi Diwas slogans to bring more awareness on importance of our Mother Tongue.We have provided below some slogans on Hindi Diwas which you can use to celebrate this event. Slogans are most effective way that makes the celebration attractive and successful. Using such slogans you can encourage people to promote the use of Hindi language. You can choose any Hindi Diwas slogan to spread awareness about Hindi language among people.

Slogans On Hindi Diwas

Slogans On Hindi Diwas

Unity is the path to success, and the path to unity is through our language, Hindi.

Our identity is that we are Hindi. We shall strive to be worthy of all the rich heritage of Hindi.

Let us take a pledge today that we will always speak in Hindi.

To make sure that Hindi doesn’t lag behind, we have to come together.

Let’s pledge dear, we will use Hindi everywhere.

Everybody, old or young, must respect his mother-tongue.

Hindi is language which has major role in Indian revolution; this is why we should never forget its contribution.

Prefer Hindi for communication, It really puts a good impression.

Happy Hindi Diwas: a day dedicated to our mother tongue.

Our independence is there where we can use our mother tongue without fear.

One must learn Hindi to win our heart.

Use Hindi to respect your mother tongue and Nation.

Hindi is the symbol of unity among Indian citizens for many years.

Raise your voice to promote the use of Hindi language.

Hindi Diwas Slogan Status

Hindi Diwas Slogan Status

Hindi is my pride. Hindi is my identity. I am Hindi, and I am indebted to my beloved Hindustan.

With the presence of Hindi, we are enriched.

Let us make Hindi our strength and not our weakness.

Always respect our Mother Tongue if we respect our nation.

Hindi is our mother tongue, it’s a language spoken by all whether they are old or young.

Our independence is there where we can use our mother tongue without fear.

Hindi is a language which can make us unite, it should be first language which we should learn to read and write.

Hindi is our native language, let’s celebrate Hindi diwas.

We should respect English but prefer to speak in Hindi.

Develop the mother tongue to develop the nation.

Honor and respect your mother tongue to improve the pride of nation.

Don’t let the national language go down, it is our pride.

We are proud to our nation and national language.

Speak your own mother tongue and live with pride.

Hindi Diwas Slogan

Hindi Diwas Slogan

Our heritage lies in the Hindi language alone.

Hindi is the proof of our rich culture.

Hindi helps you express your thoughts and emotions better.

Hindi Diwas is the reminder to always uphold our language high.

We can communicate in many languages but Hindi has a different identity.

Hindi is our identity, Hindi is our Pride, let’s join our hands to use it nationwide.

A country which does not respect its mother language can never progress.

Hindi is pride for our nation; it makes us unite for the nation.

Hindi language is the soul of Indian Cultures and traditions.

Hindi Diwas is not a day only; it promotes the national unity among people.

National language is the soul of our nation and identity of its citizens.

Spread the importance of our mother tongue all over the world.

Today is Hindi Diwas, join together and celebrate.

We are Hindu and our mother tongue is Hindi.

Hindi Diwas Slogans

Hindi Diwas Slogans

Our mother tongue is the sweetest language among all others; Hindi is the voice of the entire nation.

We are proud to have a rich language like Hindi as our tongue.

Whether young or old, we all must communicate in Hindi.

Let us keep Hindi alive and create an independent India free from clutches of English.

If you feel shame in using Hindi then the whole nation will feel shame on you.

We are dumb, without our mother-tongue.

Celebrate Hindi diwas to spread its importance worldwide.

Come together and join us to celebrate Hindi diwas.

Hindi is our mother tongue, let’s promote its use.

We are Indian and we speak Hindi.

Hindi is our mother tongue and we are proud of it.

We are proud to be Indian and speak Hindi as our mother tongue.

Celebrate Hindi Diwas everyday and spread its importance.

Hindi is our pride; it’s a fact which can’t be denied.

Slogan On Hindi Diwas

Slogan On Hindi Diwas

Respecting Hindi is respecting our country

Respecting Hindi is respecting our country

We will be independent when we could speak in Hindi without any fear.

Hindi is something that unites us and Hindi is something that defines her.

Give respect to your nation and national language.

Don’t run behind English, use your own Hindi language which is your real identity.

A nation is incomplete without its national language.

Unity is strength but mother tongue is pride of nation.

Hindi is our identity and symbol for us of being an Indian.

Today is Hindi Diwas let’s celebrate it among us.

Hindi was chosen as mother tongue of nation, because it was widely spoken.

On Hindi Diwas let’s take this plea, no matter what but we will never hesitate to speak Hindi.

Never underestimate power of Hindi; it is a language which freed the country.

On this Hindi Diwas let’s take oath, on global level we will always work for Hindi’s growth.