Ozone Day Slogans

Ozone is a shield that protects the Earth from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is a gas which is very fragile but helps in the preservation of the Earth. The importance of World Ozone Day lies in the fact that it helps in spreading awareness about the conservation.
Every year the day of 16th September is celebrated as the ozone day. As the ozone layer is suffering depletion, the plants and trees are under threat, and the human lungs are susceptible to threat as well.
Here is a wonderful collection of ozone layer slogans and slogans on protection of ozone layer in English. These make worthy slogans on ozone layer to share on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Ozone Day Slogans

Ozone Day Slogans

Ozone is just like our mother earth. It protects us from the harm, and we should protect it from suffering.

The future will go up in smoke in no time if we continue to neglect it. Protect ozone today and save yourself from a doomed future.

Let us go hand in hand to stitch up the ozone hole that we have created. If we protect ozone today, it will save Earth tomorrow.

Save the world by saving ozone layer.

Let us join hands to protect ozone.

Ban on pollution is must to keep ozone safe.

Don’t treat ozone as just another layer but a protection for all.

Ozone is life, protect it with all your might.

Be the change, save the ozone layer.

Don’t be indifferent, save the ozone layer.

Life on earth depends on you, protect the ozone layer.

The ozone layer protects us, let’s protect it too.

Keep calm and save the ozone layer.

Prevent ozone depletion, keep your planet in motion.

Keep ozone on your mind, it’s not hard to be kind.

Ozone Day Slogan

Ozone Day Slogan

The ozone layer is just like an umbrella. Umbrella protects us from sun and rain; ozone does from radiation. Please protect it.

If there is no ozone, then we will be just like the fried chickens that we love so much. Save the ozone layer.

How would you like it to live in a house without a roof? When Earth is our home, ozone is that roof.

Ozone is precious and must be protected.

Carbon Footprint: Stop them and save ozone.

Don’t let your future finish: Save Ozone Layer.

For our survival, ozone is must.

Ozone is a precious resource, let’s preserve it with force.

Ozone: a shield for life, protect it with all your strife.

Don’t let the ozone suffer, preserve it for our future.

Don’t be a fool, protect the ozone layer for your family and school.

Ozone is life’s umbrella, let’s protect it from the pollution umbrella.

Take ozone depletion seriously, your actions can save us yearly.

Love mother earth, protect the ozone layer.

Ozone depletion – a silent killer. Let’s wake up and pull together.

Slogan On Ozone Day

Slogan On Ozone Day

The hole in the ozone is a hole in our lives. The UVs seep through it and harms our skin. Stitch the hole and protect the Earth.

Did you know that by merely keeping our air conditioners clan we can help save ozone? Every small step counts.

If there is no ozone, then the Earth will be a no-entry zone. Save the Earth. Save ozone.

Every hole in ozone is a threat to our existence.

Let us save ozone before it becomes a no zone.

Without ozone, Earth will never be the same.

Live healthy with ozone in the sky.

Start small, take action, protect the ozone without distraction.

It’s not too late, save the ozone before it’s too late.

Protect the ozone, our future depends on it alone.

Ozone depletion can happen any day, let’s work together to keep ozone safe.

Protect the ozone, enjoy nature’s beautiful tones.

Have hope and believe, that untimely from ozone depletion, we can retrieve.

Be an ozone hero, make a difference, prevent ozone zero.

A planet without ozone, stark and alone.

Slogans On Ozone Day

Slogans On Ozone Day

When we save ozone, we also save our skin. Neglecting ozone means neglecting the signs for skin cancer.

Let us pledge to make the Earth a safe living zone. Protect ozone to make Earth safe.

If we let the ozone live, it will make life possible for us too. Go green and save the ozone.

The only wise thing to do today is save ozone.

Ozone is the protection for us and we must protect it.

Ozone is the natural sunscreen of nature.

Protect ozone for it protects us.

Ozone depletion – a threat to humanity’s future prosperity, let’s get to work on this emergency.

Ozone: a hidden gem, let’s protect this priceless item.

Ozone is our shield, let’s fight for ozone’s yield.

Save the ozone: for a healthier, happier world.

Every day is ozone day, let’s protect it in every way.

Keep ozone depletion out of the no-go zone, take action to ensure ozone’s throne.

No ozone, no life. Let’s work to prevent ozone strife.

Save the ozone layer, for those who come after.The earth’s future lies in the hands of the ozone protectors.

Ozone Day Slogan Pic

Ozone Day Slogan Pic

When we go out in the sun, we protect our skin with a sunscreen. Ozone is nature’s sunscreen, and we should save it.

When we decide to buy an air conditioner or a refrigerator without CFC, we take one step forward to saving the ozone.

The hole in the ozone is a hole in our lives. The UVs seep through it and harms our skin. Stitch the hole and protect the Earth.

If we fail to protect ozone today, we will also fail to protect oxygen tomorrow. Are we ready for that disaster yet?

With depletion of ozone, life will also deplete.

Even one hole in ozone is a threat to all of us.

Let us save all by saving ozone.

Save nature, save ozone to save future.

Keep our planet sweet and neat, protect the ozone layer with no defeat.

The ozone layer is in your hands, act now before it’s too late and it’s bad.

Ozone depletion: a global issue, let’s put ozone safety in our tissue.

Protecting the ozone layer is not just our choice, it’s our world’s voice.

Plant trees, use less electricity, and ozone depletion you’ll see, slowly but surely will flee.

Let’s treat the ozone layer like our own, to take care of it, we must be prone.

Clean air is a right, protect the ozone with all your might.

Preserve the ozone and its iconic role, without it, we’ll pay a critical toll.