Organ Donation Day Slogans

World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on the 13th of August every year. Its purpose is to motivate people to donate their healthy organs after death to save lives.
We have come up with a unique collection of Organ Donation Day catchy slogans.
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Organ Donation Day Slogans

Organ Donation Day Slogans

There is no bigger donation than donating your organs.

Donating an organ is the biggest kind of donation.

Let us save more lives by donating organs.

Organ donation is sharing our life with someone.

Hats off to those who donate their organs.

Come and participate in saving lives.

Let’s pledge to pass on the light by donating our organs.

It is all about the heart

A second chance is in your hands

Privileged? Share it

Let someone thank yo

Organ Donation Day Slogan

Organ Donation Day Slogan

Set an example for others to follow. Donate your organs to save many lives.

Let us put all the differences aside and save lives.

Life is precious and together we can save it.

There are so many out there waiting for our help.

Organ donation can make a big change.

Donating your organs can save many lives.

Donating is a choice, a healthy one

Give even after you are done living

Save a life after life

Put yourself for recycling

By donating your precious organ, you can be happy and productive and make a difference in the lives of others.

Slogan On Organ Donation Day

Slogan On Organ Donation Day

Donate organ because it is a kind act which keeps you alive even when you are not there.

We can do so much even after we are dead by donating organs.

Let us come forward and donate organs.

Donating organs is a good thing to do.

Never hesitate from donating your organs.

Organ donation is the most generous act to do.

Why not give a second chance to others?

Pass on the gift of life

Save a life with a transplant today

You can save a life, step forward today

It is not only a doctor’s duty to save lives but ours too. We can only do that when we share our life with someone in need of it. Think wise and take your decision.

Slogans On Organ Donation Day

Slogans On Organ Donation Day

Just by donating your organs you can continue to live forever.

There is no bar for age or caste or color or religion. Come ahead and take part in saving numerous lives by organ donation.

Why only recycle paper and not organs? By donating organs, not only do we recycle them but help save many lives.

Did you know that you can save up to eight lives by merely signing up for organ donation? Let’s be an angel to them and donate our organs we can.

Others can live when we agree to give. Be an idol and sign up for organ donation; this simple act can be a relief to many.

All around us, there are families, relatives, and friends waiting by the deathbed of their own in hopes of a fill-in organ. Do not crush that wish and donate yours.

You will live on even after you are gone. Take a simple step, donate your organ.

Gift someone the gift of life

You can buy things, but not organs! Donate

Save and heal, donate today

Become an organ donor, be a hero

Organ Donation Day Slogan Poster

Organ Donation Day Slogan Poster

Donating an organ can bring happiness and smiles to many people.

People who donate organs are blessed as they give a second chance at life for others. It is in your hands to pass on your life to someone who is in dire need of it.

Since we cannot take our organs to the afterlife, the best possible way to recycle them is a donation. Be a hero and pass it on.

What is the good in burning your organs or when you cremate them when there are millions on death bed merely waiting for a replacement? No waste can be more terrible than this; help save lives.

When you donate your eyes, someone sees the world with those; when you donate your heart, someone lives with that. Be courageous and sign up for organ donation.

Make both your life and death count. Be an organ donor.

It is in our hands if we want to share our life with others. By agreeing to donate our organs, we move one step closer to achieving that wish.

Be a donor, be thankful

Live a hero, die a hero. Donate today

Leave a part of you with someone

Pass on life after you pass away