Independence Day Slogans

Independence Day in India is marked on 15 August to celebrate India’s Independence from the British Empire in 15 August 1947. The celebration re-energizes the sentiments of nationalism, patriotism, and love in Indian citizens, at the same time keeping them united in the national interest.
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Independence Slogan

Independence Slogan

“Independence is a blessing and you must cherish it the most.”

Independence was achieved at a considerable price; we can’t disregard our freedom fighters’ sacrifice.

Know the value of freedom, and this is not something obtained at once.

We are born in independent India, but our freedom fighters didn’t, so respect them.

Countless freedom fighters lost their lives, and then we got a country to survive happily.

Freedom could never be accomplished if India was not blessed with such great warriors.

Many were wounded, many were shot, and this is how the freedom was got.

“They left an independent nation for us and we must fulfill our duties the best way.”

Independence Day Slogans

Independence Day Slogans

We are born in independent India, but our freedom fighters didn’t, so respect them.

“We are blessed to be born in a free country and we must always thank God for it.”

“An independent nation is what we got and we must make it a progressive nation.”

“They left us with a free country and asked us to make it a beautiful, healthy, happy nation.”

“Contribute to your country in whichever way possible and that will make a big difference.”

“15th of August is an inspiring day for every Indian as it reminds us of all our duties.”

This independence did not come easy. Always value it. Happy Independence Day.

Children today are the future tomorrow. Warm wishes on Independence Day.

The occasion of Independence Day inspires each one of us to thank our heroes for it.

Independence Day Slogan

Independence Day Slogan

Pay respect to the real Heroes who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

This celebration could be much joyous if we had our freedom warriors to celebrate it along with us.

We are varied by religion but united by the Nation. We love our India.

It is the day of remembrance; let our contribution towards the Nation progress.

Love for country is the purest. Wishing all the students a very Happy Independence Day.

Children are the hope for a country. Happy Independence Day.

Always be keen about learning your nation and its history.

Let us promise ourselves to contribute towards the progress of our country.

We make our country and we must always make it proud.

Happy Independence Day to children who are the future for our nation.

Slogan On Independence Day

Slogan On Independence Day

“Many lives were sacrificed to give many others a good life.”

Don’t just relish freedom, remember its sacrifices too.

Many departed for this freedom, and we are fortunate for we only have to preserve it.

We can unfurl the Flag as we breathe in an independent country.

Each child can make his or her nation proud in some way.

Loving your nation will always keep you on the right track in life.

Keeping your country before yourself is patriotism.

Always take pride in calling yourself an Indian. Happy Independence Day.

Slogans On Independence Day

Slogans On Independence Day

Commit your life to the country; it is the best Independence Day commemoration.

We are fortunate to live with freedom in the 21st century because of our forebears.

“Independence doesn’t only need a heavy price to be paid but also lots of efforts.”

“We may be independent but we are still far from creating a perfect nation.”

“Always value independence because this is something which has come to us after decades of slavery.”

Being born in an independent nation is the most beautiful blessing.

There is nothing as precious as freedom. Take good care of it.

“They fought, they sacrificed, they never gave up and finally we got independent.”