Anti Corruption Slogans

Slogan On Anti Corruption

Slogan On Anti Corruption

Anti-corruption starts from your own self.

Joining hands on fighting the battle against corruption.

Corruption is the most difficult thing to deal with and also the most important.

Let us make this world free from corruption.

No corruption means growth and happiness.

Do not take corruption lightly. Happy Anti Corruption Day.

Corruption is like a slow killer.

Wake up to corruption before it is too late.

Ignoring corruption today will create havoc tomorrow.

World is a much better place without corruption.

Corruption has damaged the world beyond repairs.

Smallest of the acts against corruption mean a lot.

Ignoring corruption is like ignoring the poison in your life.

Don’t let the corruption steal away your happiness, peace and prosperity.

A country without corruption is the happiest.

Tomorrow our own children will have to face the consequences of our today’s silence!

Poverty, hunger and uneducation are only few devils of corruption!!

Silence is a curse which will only make it worse!

Every single NO to corruption is a YES to better health, economy and education!!

Corruption Slogan

Corruption Slogan

Corruption always supports the wrong and makes the right suffer.

With corruption blooming, dooms day is really very close.

Corruption has always been the most damaging threat to the society.

A nation that works against corruption works towards prosperity.

With corruption, there is no end to problems.

Strict action against corruption is just what we need.

Our next generations deserve a world without corruption.

Bowing to corruption is surrendering our happiness.

Fight against corruption must not end until corruption ends.

It is going to be a difficult battle against corruption.

Existence of corruption leads towards the destruction.

Corruption pollutes the society, so stopping it must be our priority.

Corruption is supposed there, you don’t oppose where.

Corruption ruins the country, take it away.

Keeping silent only means that you silently agree to it!!

Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction; say ‘NO’ bravely and report corruption!

The fear of losing power is what gives birth to corruption.

You are not safe if you keep mum; sooner or later a victim you become!!

The devil has many faces; dishonesty, fraud, bribery, falsification and abuses!!

Like the goons love violence; so the corruption loves silence!!

Keeping silent only means that you silently agree to it!!

Slogans On Anti Corruption

Slogans On Anti Corruption

Let us make this world free from corruption.

Common man is the most affected from corruption.

Corruption flows top to bottom and not bottom to top.

An honest leader can treat the problem of corruption amongst his juniors.

Always be honest to fight against corruption.

Only youth can challenge corruption.

Corruption is killing us all.

Corruption is a crime; it is the biggest threat to the world.

Fight corruption to create a better world.

Say NO to bribe.

Let us pledge to fight against corruption.

Corruption is a curse for a country.

Corruption is never fair.

Greed results into corruption.

Corruption is polluting the society.

Corruption has the power to ruin any country.

Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction; say ‘NO’ bravely and report corruption!

Nothing to fear if you know your right; put a brave face and see the perpetrators fright!!

Fighting corruption is a four step action- close your eyes, think, muster courage and give it a stern reaction!!

The hungry child and broken road; fighting for them will turn you into gold!!

Anti Corruption Slogan

Anti Corruption Slogan

Ending corruption is the best way to end obstacles to growth.

Destroy corruption before it destroys us.

Corruption kills everything; values, ethics, nations; everything!!!

Be the hero and fight corruption.

Be the initiator of anti-corruption!

Don’t be the part of corruption if you want the development of the nation.

We are against corruption, Are you!

Say loudly, No to corruption.

Be a participant of India against corruption.

Build a corruption free society in your area.

Corruption is a crime; let’s destroy it before it destroys us.

Clean India, Corruption free India!

Corruption only affects a common man!

Fight corruption if you want a better society!

Don’t be part of corruption, be a part of solution.

Shame on fame came through corruption.

Shame on names who corrupt country’s fame.

For a good place to survive, say ‘No’ to bribe.

Corruption should not be guided, but it must be avoided.

Let’s take a pledge, to fight against corruption before it is too late.

Existence of corruption leads towards the destruction.

Anti Corruption Logans

Anti Corruption Logans

Corruption is as dangerous as pollution. Stop corruption.

Prevent yourself from corruption!

Corruption is not good for anybody.

Corruption kills a person completely from inside.

Corruption left nothing good in a person.

End of corruption is our aim to improve the country’s fame.

Come on! Raise your voice – you have power to stop corruption.

Don’t be addicted to corruption.

Corruption is a disease having no medicine.

As a citizen it’s our responsibility to fight with corruption.

People with corruption are hungry for money!

Your greedy habits pull you towards corruption.

Your little corruption can create a big interruption to development.

Your corruption leads you towards disruption.

Corruption has no back gear, just stay away of it!

Corruption requires immediate action!

Turning your back is not a solution; you have to give it a stern reaction!

Its our responsibility to remove the corruption.

It is our responsibility to remove the corruption, by punishing the greedy as only solution.

Corruption eats country’s power and makes it empty.

Just be honest and raise voice against corruption.