World No Tobacco Day Slogans

Every year May 31st is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day to create more awareness on this issue. Here are some of the motivating anti smoking slogans and poster messages to share. These World no Tobacco Day slogans will raise your awareness about the addiction of tobacco and its ill effects on the personal life and health of the addict. Celebrate this day with newest World No Tobacco Day Slogans and create more awareness using Facebook, WhatsApp.

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Photo

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Photo

You might think cigarettes make you cool, but it’s killing you, fools!

The world is one’s oyster, but you are mistaking it to be an ashtray. Stop smoking tobacco today!

“Tobacco companies are the reason for the death of their best customers.”

Say yes to life by saying no to tobacco.”

“If you wish to save life, you have to quit tobacco.”

“Say no to tobacco, not because you love yourself but because you love your family.”

“You can reject now so that you don’t regret tomorrow…. Say no to tobacco!!!”

Just like you crush that cigarette butt, life will crush you if you don’t stop smoking.

“You can either love your family or you can love tobacco.”

Life is much better with no cigarettes around.

Always easy to quit smoking than to die choking.

Smoking kills; after you, who will pay the bills.

Your family needs you, Stop chewing tobacco.

Smoking a cigarette isn’t brave; soon it will lead you to grave.

Chew it, smoke it or sniff it; life won’t be long unless you quit it.

Cigarette will burn itself till your grave; throw it now be brave!

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Status Pic

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Status Pic

Stop being a wacko and quit tobacco.

“The best and the only way to live life is by leaving tobacco.”

“Old habits die hard but they do die when you have made your mind.”

“A world free from tobacco is a world full of health and happiness.

“Leave tobacco so that you can live happily with your family.”

Every single day about 1300 people quit smoking – by dying.

“To those whom family comes first, tobacco doesn’t exist for them.”

“Health is wealth but with tobacco you cannot earn this wealth.”

“God has given us this life to enjoy and create memories… Say no to tobacco.”

Save yourself from smoking.

Cigarette in hands don’t make you cool, you are killing yourself fool.

Smoking is not a thrill; it could make you seriously ill.

It is as simple as clear, smoking and tobacco are not for you, dear!

Either you stop chewing tobacco or it will stop you.

Smart people don’t provoke and wise ones don’t smoke.

Hear the inner voice, make a life changing choice.

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Image

World No Tobacco Day Slogan Image

This is no lie; if you keep smoking, then you’ll die.

“Find peace and happiness by un-finding tobacco.”

Quit tobacco today or else look at your future go in smoke.

“Quit smoking before it forces the life to quit your body.

Cancer is certainly no joke, so quit that smoke.

“Life is precious and must not be lost in smoke…. Quit Smoking!!!”

“Quit smoking before it kills you and everyone else around you.”

“Those who smoke aren’t just killing themselves but are also killing slow the ones they love.”

“Smoking is the worse thing you can do to turn all your blessings into threats to your life.”

Quit smoking and live longer.

Instead of being Wacko, stop chewing tobacco.

Tobacco or a healthy life, choice is yours.

Be wise and considerate, say no to Cigarette.

How will you make your dream come true, Tobacco is silently killing you.

No one can save you family or friend, tobacco is killing you every second.

Life doesn’t give a second chance; quit it now, take a stance!

Slogan World No Tobacco Day Image

Slogan World No Tobacco Day Image

A cigarette or a pipe for puffing tobacco has fired at one end and has a fool at the other end.

“Quit smoking before it is too late, before you have nothing but regrets left!!!”

Vaping is a slow killer. Quit vaping for a healthy life.

It is a myth that vaping is better than smoking. It is damaging.

Health will remain just a dream if you are going to vape.

Stop vaping now and embrace your health.

There is nothing stylish and cool about vaping but there is everything dangerous about vaping.

You vape now and you lose your future forever.

Don’t become a slave of smoking.

You are letting smoking drive your life.

For a healthy life it is threat, Say strongly “No” to Cigarette.

If you don’t stop smoking, your cancer will stop it.

Say no to tobacco to increase your life and glow.

Quit tobacco today to live young tomorrow.

Smoking tobacco could kill both active and passive smoker.

Tobacco not only harms you, but also the people around you.

No Tobacco Day Slogan Picture

No Tobacco Day Slogan Picture

Are you burning tobacco, or is it burning you?

“Love life and quit smoking for a healthy and happy life.”

Vaping has the power to ruin your life. Don’t let that happen.

Saying no to tobacco is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself.

Tobacco promises lots of trouble and health problems. Quit it!!!

You have to choose one- Health or Tobacco.

If you love your wellness then you can never love tobacco.

Life is so much happier with no tobacco in life.

Let us spread happiness and joy by quitting tobacco.

Anti Tobacco Day reminds us to celebrate life.

Smoking kills not just a man but his family.

Those who love their family never smoke.

Don’t risk your life for a momentary stimulation.

It is not only cigarette that burns, but your lungs too.

All temptations have just one answer- tobacco causes cancer!

It isn’t tobacco but death you crave; say NO! Be brave!

It’s not something you can’t live without; visit a doctor if you have doubt.

A cigarette in hand doesn’t make you cool but rather a fool.

The day when you quit tobacco, will be the day when God extend your life.