Slogans on Child Labour

“Slogans on Child Labour” are powerful and concise expressions that aim to raise awareness and garner support against the exploitation of children in the workforce. These slogans emphasize the importance of eradicating child labor and promoting the rights, well-being, and education of every child. They often convey messages of social responsibility, justice, and the need for collective action to eliminate this harmful practice.

These slogans highlight the negative impact of child labor on children’s physical and mental health, education, and overall development. They call for the protection of children’s rights and advocate for policies and actions that create a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

The effectiveness of these slogans lies in their ability to capture attention, evoke empathy, and spur individuals, communities, and governments to take concrete steps to eliminate child labor. Ultimately, the goal is to create a collective commitment to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in a supportive and secure environment, free from the burden of exploitative labor.

Child Labour Slogans

Child Labour Slogans

CHILD LABOUR is an ABUSE, for which there is no EXCUSE.

“Childhood is not a commodity – end child labor.”

“Tiny hands deserve a future, not a tool.”

“Say no to child labor, say yes to education.”

“Children deserve pencils, not tools.”

“Let them play, not work – end child labor.”

“Childhood is for dreams, not factories.”

“Stop child labor – it’s not their job to work.”

“Don’t steal their innocence – say no to child labor.”

“Raise your voice against child labor.”

“Childhood lost is a future destroyed.”

“Education, not exploitation – end child labor.”

“Childhood dreams should be bigger than factory machines.”

“Say no to child labor, say yes to their dreams.”

“Children are not commodities – stop child labor.”

Slogans On Child Labour

Slogans On Child Labour

Teach your child to hold a pencil not to wash utensils.

“Let them bloom, not toil in gloom.”

“Childhood is a right, not a privilege.”

“Break the chains of child labor.”

“A child’s place is in school, not at work.”

“Childhood is priceless – stop selling it.”

“Tiny fingers should hold pencils, not tools.”

“Child labor steals their today and our tomorrow.”

“End child labor – their innocence is not for sale.”

“Say no to child labor – yes to a brighter future.”

“Every child deserves a childhood, not a paycheck.”

“Let them learn, not earn.”

“Protect the future, eradicate child labor.”

“Children need books, not bricks.”

“Childhood is a treasure, not cheap labor.”

Child Labour Slogan Picture

Child Labour Slogan Picture

Childhood needs EDUCATION, not child labour and DESTRUCTION.

“Break the chains, end child labor pains.”

“Education empowers, child labor devours.”

“Childhood is not a trade – say no to child labor.”

“Stop child labor – invest in their education.”

“Tiny hands have big dreams – end child labor.”

“Childhood dreams should be crafted, not crushed.”

“Childhood is a right, not a sacrifice.”

“Childhood is irreplaceable – say no to child labor.”

“Give them wings to fly, not chains to tie.”

“Education liberates, child labor enslaves.”

“Children are not a workforce – end child labor.”

“Childhood should be about play, not work.”

“Say yes to education, say no to child exploitation.”

“Stop child labor – let their laughter echo.”

Child Labour Slogan

Child Labour Slogan

Let the child earn KNOWLEDGE, not MONEY.

“Childhood is a journey, not a job.”

“Don’t rob them of a future – end child labor.”

“Childhood dreams should be nurtured, not neglected.”

“Say no to child labor – yes to a brighter generation.”

“Every child deserves a chance, not a chain.”

“End child labor – their dreams are not for sale.”

“Childhood should be about joy, not a job.”

Childhood is the phase of life where children are meant to LEARN, not EARN.

Children look good with a handful of TOYS, not BRICKS.

A child’s hand looks good holding a PENCIL, not WASHING PLATES.

A child should know how to hold a PENCIL, not how to hold an AXE.

CHILD LABOUR is the reason for an innocent CHIlD getting VANISHED.

Child’s hand is meant to be SOFT and CLEAN, not HARD and DIRTY.

A child burning FUEL is nothing but sheer CRUEL.

Slogan On Child Labour

Slogan On Child Labour

Making a child burn fuel is nothing but sheer cruel.


A child should be taught to LEARN, not forced to EARN.

Children need LOVE and Care, child labour is not FAIR.

Raise your VOICE and HAND so that child labour can be BANNED.

Childhood means LEARNING, not EARNING.

A child’s childhood is for learning, don’t use their childhood for earning.

Children are supposed to be going to school; they don’t look good with a hand full of tools.

A child’s hand is too precious to be doing work; they look good holding a mighty pencil.

At a time when they need education, child labour is real destruction.

Every time child labour is practised, an innocent childhood has vanished.

It’s time to stop child labour and start child care.

It is our own responsibility as grown-ups to secure a future for our children by keeping them away from child labour.

We need to understand a child’s capability; child labour can decrease a child’s productivity.

The roadway to a healthy nation is to stop child exploitation through child labour.