Earth Day Slogans

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Celebrate this special day by creating more awareness about Planet Earth and its conservation with Earth Day slogans. Save Earth to make more and more people aware of the alarming situation our planet is facing. Share these Earth Day slogans with your family and friends to motivate them to save the planet. Below, we have provided some slogans for world earth day, which you can use to celebrate this event. You can use such slogans to make campaign celebrations effective, attractive, and successful.

Where Every Little Act Grows Into A Green Revolution

Where Every Little Act Grows Into A Green Revolution

Earth Day: Where every little act grows into a green revolution. Happy Earth Day!

Love Earth, it’s the only one we’ve got!

Think green, live green.

Earth Day Every Day.

Save our planet, save ourselves.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Earth is our home, let’s keep it clean.

Go green or go home!

Be the change, protect the planet.

Plant a tree, grow a future.

Care for the Earth, it’s worth it.

Green living starts with you.

Small Actions, Big Impact. Celebrate Earth Day With Conscious Choices

Small Actions, Big Impact. Celebrate Earth Day With Conscious Choices

Small actions, big impact. Celebrate Earth Day with conscious choices.

Respect your mother (Earth).

Earth: Love it or leave it.

Make every day Earth Day.

Keep calm and love our planet.

Clean planet, healthy life.

Eco-friendly is always in style.

Earth needs you. Protect our home.

Reduce your footprint, save the Earth.

Earth is irreplaceable. Cherish it.

Conserve energy, conserve life.

Think globally, act locally.

Protecting Nature Is Protecting Our Future

Protecting Nature Is Protecting Our Future

Protecting nature is protecting our future.

Live simply so others can simply live.

Be the solution, not the pollution.

Earth first, profits last.

Protect our species, protect our planet.

Green is the new black.

Sustainability starts with you.

Earth’s beauty is in our hands.

Care for the Earth like it cares for us.

Eco-warrior in action!

Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature.

There is no Planet B.

Our Earth Not Just Our Home, But Our Responsibility

Our Earth Not Just Our Home, But Our Responsibility

Our Earth: Not just our home, but our responsibility.

Go green, it’s not a trend, it’s a responsibility.

Mother Earth is counting on you.

Respect existence or expect resistance.

For the love of Earth, go green.

Earth-friendly choices make a difference.

Be the eco-hero Earth needs.

Protect, preserve, and respect our planet.

Nature’s beauty, our duty to protect.

Our planet, our responsibility.

Earth deserves better, let’s give it our best.

Nature’s treasures are in our hands.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day By Making Eco Friendly Choices

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day By Making Eco Friendly Choices

Celebrate Earth Day every day by making eco-friendly choices.

Green living, better future.

Keep it clean, keep it green.

Small steps, big impact.

Protecting the Earth is everyone’s job.

Celebrate Earth Day, every day.

Together for a greener future.

Earth Day is like our planet’s birthday, celebrate the Earth that day but protect the Earth every day.

Earth is our mother, let us love her, protect her and give back more than what we took from her.

Save Earth to save your today and tomorrow!!

If you wish to save life then you have to save Earth.

Earth is the only planet for life; no other alternative to survive.

Slogans On Earth Day

Slogans On Earth Day

Earth is the only planet that supports life, we have no other alternative to survive.

Celebrate Earth Day with extreme dedication; To Earth’s Safety and Protection.

Be an earth lover, not a hater; Save Earth; it’s a crucial matter.

Come On fast!, We must protect the earth from hazards.

Our upcoming generation will die in poverty because we have made our earth dirty.

We should make the environment better; else, we will face the consequences later.

Earth doesn’t need Geeta, Quran, or Bible; all it needs is to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

World earth day is a day we take positive steps to correct the declining condition of the earth.

There’s enough to serve all of our needs, but always less to serve our greed. Save the resources before it’s too late.

If you make the earth smile, it will make the future generations smile.

Earth Day is a reminder to take steps towards saving our planet.

If there is no earth then there is no life…. Act before it is late.

Earth Day Slogans

Earth Day Slogans

Let’s celebrate Earth Day with utmost dedication, it will be beneficial for our protection.

Go green to keep the earth clean.

Earth is the only planet where we can live and rest; Use its resources but never waste them.

Spread awareness about the importance of earth in this universe on Earth Day.

This earth day, what will you pledge?

We must take care of the earth as No Earth, No Life!

Celebrate earth day every day as living is impossible without earth.

The earth’s condition is declining, and the possibility of life too.

Join the campaign to know the value of earth and life on this planet.

Make the Earth clean, green and happy space.

It’s time we hear the screams of Mother Earth and help her.

With declining health of Earth, the possibility of life is also declining.

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Poster

Without the Earth there is no hope for tomorrow, save Earth.

Without saving a mother, you cannot save her children…. Save Earth to save life on Earth.

Stop polluting the earth and follow reduce reuse recycle regime.

The green revolution is the best way to secure our earth for the future.

Save the earth to save the hope of life in the future.

Earth day is our green Planet’s Birthday; celebrate it every day.

Save earth to save your future generations.

We must celebrate earth daily to conserve the earth as it is not a one-day process.

Take a pledge on this earth day to protect the earth from pollution.

Save earth to save the happiness of billions of lives.

Save the planet before it is too late.

It will cost you nothing to plant trees but cost you everything if you cut it.

Earth Day Slogan

Earth Day Slogan

Be an environment lover, not hater, save the environment because it’s a precious matter.

Saving Earth demands constant efforts and constant dedication.

Nothing good happens overnight and you cannot save Earth overnight.

This earth day, what will you change positively within yourself?

Earth is our mother; let’s make it better.

Save the earth every day and enjoy every day as Earth day.

Polluting the Earth has made it clear that our death is also near.

Decorate the earth with clean and green to secure it.

Raise voice against activities declining the condition of the earth.

Earth is our home, and we live in a very dirty home. Join together to make it clean and safe.

Earth day makes us realize our responsibilities towards the earth.

If you protect the Earth now, it will protect you later.

Slogan On Earth Day

Slogan On Earth Day

The best revolution is a green revolution because it will save our Mother Earth.

Pledge to make Earth a better place.

Smallest of the step taken towards saving Earth can bring big results.

Act before it gets too late…. Act before it is not our hands to save Earth.

Our needs can be satisfied, but our greed can never be. Save Earth and its resources!

If you save the earth, it will save you back.

We have only one Earth; there is no alternate or its next birth.

Earth is for everyone, don’t be so mean; it is our responsibility to keep it clean and green.

Come On! It’s time to change bad habits to some positive ones to save the earth.

If you think of a better future, you must pledge to save the earth.

Mother earth is so kind and never takes revenge; it’s time to make ourselves kind.

Our continuous harmful activities may change the mother earth’s mind to the worst revenge.

Save the earth to save the living world on this planet.