Clean India Slogans

Swachh Bharat, Sundar Bharat.

Swachh Bharat, Sundar Bharat.

Swachh Bharat, Sundar Bharat.

Clean India, Green India.

Be neat, keep the streets clean.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Clean today, better tomorrow.

Don’t litter, it makes the world bitter.

Green India, Clean India.

Clean streets, happy feet.

Let’s make cleanliness a daily routine.

Cleanliness starts with you.

Trash belongs in bins, not on the streets.

Keep your surroundings clean, make the future pristine.

Waste less, recycle more.

Clean India, Healthy India.

Swachh Bharat for a bright future.

Cleanliness is a habit, not an act.

Let’s pledge for a garbage-free nation.

Clean up to green up!

Clean India, Happy India.

Be the change, keep India clean.

Love Your Country? Keep It Clean.

Love Your Country? Keep It Clean.

Love your country? Keep it clean.

Let’s clean up our act and clean up our streets.

Waste segregation, the path to a clean nation.

Cleanliness: The best policy.

Dispose of waste responsibly.

A litter-free India is a better India.

Keep India sparkling, keep India smiling.

Cleanliness begins at home.

Littering is for losers, let’s be choosers.

Clean India, proud Indians.

Cleanliness is not a choice, it’s a necessity.

Be smart, keep India clean.

Your waste, your responsibility.

Keep your city clean and green.

Make every corner clean, not mean.

Clean India, green dreams.

Cleanliness makes good neighbors.

Every litter bit hurts, keep India clean.

Cleanliness: It’s in our hands.

Let’s aim for a litter-free nation.

Keep India Tidy, Make Mother India Proud.

Keep India Tidy, Make Mother India Proud.

Keep India tidy, make Mother India proud.

Clean today, enjoy tomorrow.

Keep India clean, show you care.

Clean habits, clean India.

A clean country is a prosperous country.

Cleanliness: The mark of a civilized society.

Let’s make India shine with cleanliness.

Swachh Bharat, Strong Bharat.

Keep it pristine, keep it green, let’s make India clean!

Dust and grime, it’s time to decline, let’s shine for a cleaner India!

Waste not, want not, let’s clean up every spot!

Trash in its place, let’s embrace a cleaner space!

Sweep away the mess, let cleanliness progress!

From mountains to seas, let’s keep India clean with ease!

A cleaner India, our pride, let’s all take a stride!

Cleanliness is our creed, let’s fulfill this noble need!

Lend a hand, keep our land clean and grand!

Garbage out, beauty in, let the clean-up begin!

Let’s pledge for a cleaner nation, it’s our obligation!

Trash-free streets, where beauty meets, let’s make it a feat!

A Clean India Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

A Clean India Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

A clean India is everyone’s responsibility.

Clean India, happy India, let’s spread the joy in every area!

Say no to litter, let’s make our country glitter!

Cleaner surroundings, healthier living, let’s keep giving!

Waste segregation, a step towards a cleaner nation!

Cleanliness is not an option, it’s our duty, let’s make it a sensation!

Let’s unite, keep our cities bright, let’s keep them clean and right!

Cleanliness is not just a word, let’s make it a habit, spread the word!

Don’t be mean, keep India clean!

A clean India, a green India, let’s make it our agenda!

Let’s make cleanliness a trend, with every effort, let’s mend!

Beautify, don’t pollute, let’s give our nation a salute!

Trash in the bin, let’s all win for a cleaner kin!

Cleanliness starts with you, let’s see what we can do!

Be a champ, pick up that trash, let’s give our country a dash!

Cleaner homes, cleaner streets, let’s make our country elite!

Cleanliness breeds healthiness, let’s promote it with readiness!

Let’s make every corner gleam, in this national cleanliness regime!

Sweep away the sorrow, let’s clean for a better tomorrow!

Litter-free zones, let’s make it our own!

A Cleaner India, A Brighter Tomorrow.

A Cleaner India, A Brighter Tomorrow.

A cleaner India, a brighter tomorrow.

Let’s tidy up, from bottom to top, let’s never stop!

Cleanliness revolution, let’s make it a resolution!

Waste reduction, a path to a cleaner nation!

Trash-free zones, let’s make them our own!

A cleaner environment, our commitment, let’s make it evident!

Every piece of trash, let’s stash, for a cleaner dash!

Clean streets, happy feet, let’s make it a treat!

From dawn till dusk, let’s clean up the dusk!

Let’s take a stand, hand in hand, for a cleaner land!

Pollution solution, let’s make it a fusion!

Let’s make India sparkle, let’s all embarkle!

Garbage free, let’s all agree, it’s the way to be!

Cleanliness drive, let’s keep the spirit alive!

Let’s sweep away the clutter, let’s make our country flutter!

Waste management, let’s make it a commitment!

Cleaner air, everywhere, let’s show we care!

Cleanliness reigns, let’s break the chains of stains!

Let’s pledge for a cleaner tomorrow, let’s all borrow some cleanliness sorrow!

Each step, each deed, let’s lead towards a cleaner creed!